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The Apprentice: what lies in store?

Lord Sugar’s assistant, Nick Hewer, was reported in “The Times” yesterday as saying it never ceased to amaze him how contestants failed to learn anything from watching previous series (BBC “The Apprentice“! With a new series starting, and I must … Continue reading

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Did Gareth Malone use the right techniques?

In BBC’s “Gareth Malone’s Extraordinary School for Boys”, episode 3 Gareth handles conflict controversially (see 28m 48 secs in). Did he use the right technique with the awkward child? The boy in question is openly defiant, but no punishment was given, instead … Continue reading

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Is forgiveness possible at work?

Is forgiveness possible at work?.

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Why is car parking such a big deal?

On a sales call a few years ago, I parked in the managing director’s space by mistake. Did I get the order? Of course not! He seemed very grumpy when I met him, although we had everything his company appeared … Continue reading

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How did they win the Battle of Britain?

Watching “The Battle of Britain“, on BBC with Ewan and Colin McGregor, I found it impossible to stop the deep emotion welling up in me. These are two brothers, Ewan an actor and Colin a modern-day fighter pilot, exploring this epic battle and flying Spitfires … Continue reading

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Which were the 5 most popular posts of the summer?

In reverse order these were the most viewed posts: 5: How to look good (not) naked part 1 – self esteem; 4: Does the “appraisal” sandwich work? 3: How does a top accountancy firm fail? 2: Is forgiveness possible at work? … Continue reading

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Is Freddie great?

Is Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff a “great” cricketer? Yes, I think so. Why? Because I’m gutted he’s retired. Others come and go, quality players, many of them., but I will miss the “wow” factor, the hope he inspired, the magic of … Continue reading

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