How old are you?

Or maybe how old do you act?

Some of the things we do without thinking are as much as 75 years old! For example, I like leaf tea in preference to tea bags. When I have time I make a proper pot and use a tea strainer.

Why? It’s partly because I believe it tastes better, but partly because my Mum did it for me. And her Mum did it for her.

Some of the attitudes we have, are carried over from people we have met; who have influenced us.

The past is not all good and not all bad. With care we can sometimes unpick some of the knots we have tangled, and be free of their constraints.

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About drstevelewis

Good leadership is essential for any project to succeed. I specialise in the most difficult leadership challenges; those involving the way we relate to other people or the way they relate to us. With a background of many years in business and an earlier training in medicine I combine the two in a unique consultancy.
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