Can you tell what I am thinking?

Just by looking at me?

Or can we be sure our assumptions about a person’s intentions are correct? Like Sherlock Holmes we have brains that get us from A to Z very quickly, and the journey via B, C D etc is often subconscious.

That’s fine if we are correct, but not so great if we confuse fact with assumption, or misinterpret things.

In the realm of human behaviour, people are notoriously difficult to interpret. I once reviewed two sets of minutes from the same meeting. Person A thought person B was calm. C thought B was very angry!

Sometimes we misinterpret people from our own misconceptions about them. Sometimes we hear what we expect to hear, not what was actually said.

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About drstevelewis

Good leadership is essential for any project to succeed. I specialise in the most difficult leadership challenges; those involving the way we relate to other people or the way they relate to us. With a background of many years in business and an earlier training in medicine I combine the two in a unique consultancy.
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