The Apprentice: how to get fired

Desperate Dan is the first to get the chop in BBC’s new series of The Apprentice. But where did he go wrong?

The first clue is to watch Karren Brady. When she stares in disbelief and starts taking notes, you can be sure it’s not a compliment.

Where do people get this idea that to lead you have to be a “bull in a china shop”, a “thug” and simply boss people around?

Second clue is to observe the style of Lord Sugar or Karren. Ok Lord Sugar has a blunt approach at times, but let’s not confuse this with bulldozing or ignoring people’s feelings.

Karren too has been very successful but doesn’t need to throw her weight around.

Lord Sugar suggests that it is better that other people describe you as an “entrepreneur” rather than you yourself.

We could say the same about our ability to “connect with people”. “Mouthy” Stuart thinks he can and got ahead of himself. Karren disagreed.

Let others say it, if it is true.

And this is where Dan fell down too. From the outset he rapidly disconnected himself from his team by announcing he was going to lead, not work. He delivered on his promise.

The sense of annoyance from his mates was palpable. His leadership never recovered. He was fired.

See also Lord Sugar v Piers Morgan

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Good leadership is essential for any project to succeed. I specialise in the most difficult leadership challenges; those involving the way we relate to other people or the way they relate to us. With a background of many years in business and an earlier training in medicine I combine the two in a unique consultancy.
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2 Responses to The Apprentice: how to get fired

  1. Hamish says:

    Yes – that look and note taking from Karren was a classic shot! 🙂

    What on earth was Dan thinking? Although you get the impression some leaders think they can get away with “leading” and not doing any work I have to say it is the first time I’ve ever heard any leader actually say it! …and as the very first thing he said on his “acceptance” of leadership too!! He’s lucky they didn’t all walk out there and then! Amazing what an incentive to win is provided by the threat of a boardroom firing for the losing team 🙂

    …and what exceptional patience Lord Sugar showed with dear Stuart. It will be very interesting to see how well he can walk the plank with all those holes he’s shot in his feet

  2. Tim says:

    Agree, although I’d say Dan never really led – he commanded and bullied. Big difference.

    Last night was brilliantly ghastly, as always. The ultimate in car-crash TV.

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