Laura learns her lesson

For the Apprentice 2011 click here: Vincent van Cloche; There’s no accounting for Edward

Gracious in defeat, Laura Moore explains just how valuable she found being on The Apprentice on the pithy follow-up show.

At 22 she made less of her youth than does Stuart Baggs, the now legendary “brand”.

But even though she was unsuccessful by not winning, she succeeded in learning a great deal.

The Apprentice is a tough ordeal, but also a way of gaining multi-disciplinary experience under maximum scrutiny, in just a few weeks.

There’s sales, marketing, purchasing, negotiation, team work, working with very annoying people, having fun, winning, losing, finance, working with very senior people, to name just a few of the challenges on offer.

For Laura it was obviously a steep learning curve. Some of the contenders have a lot more experience.

Personally I think she leaves centre stage with a very good attitude, and for that reason, and her growing “skill set” I think she will prosper.

Good luck!

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