Ashes series win – let the party commence

Wins do not get better than this!

How does a losing team pull back over two years and win a series of 5 test matches in Australia 3-1?

Brilliant leadership! Great coaching. Superb individual and team performances.

You have to hand it to Andy Flower. As team manager he must take most credit together with Andy Strauss the captain.

To me Flower has been able quietly to bring out the best in the same squad that used to have a losing habit. Not any more.

Winning has become a habit. How?

Not giving up at a loss. Having a clear vision of where the team are going. Relentless pursuit of excellence.

We lost a game. Badly. But unusually the team were galvanised for victory next time. That’s new round here! But it’s becoming more familiar.

Flower has communicated exactly where he intends the team to go: to the top of world rankings. To be the best. and England is not quite there yet, which is handy because there’s no room for complacency to set in.

And haven’t we at last seen all round great performances from the players? They have all delivered. Together.

Brilliant and thanks for the inspiration!

Ashes series

For Simon Barnes’s excellent article on this see here

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1 Response to Ashes series win – let the party commence

  1. Tim says:

    England have been a great example of how strong leadership ensures confidence remains high even when faced with setbacks, as England were after Perth. Confidence is a key component of any winning team, and it is that lack of self-belief – as well as being generally poorer than the Aussies – which has held England back for two decades. I look forward to seeing how far this team develops over the next few years.

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