Vincent van Cloche

Was this week’s painting of the Apprentice “team” a masterpiece or a mess?

When I heard the task was the annual “buy things you’ve never heard of”, I knew we were in for a challenge. The show did not disappoint. This year they had to acquire a cloche. Nobody knew what this was.

That the famous Savoy had provided the wish-list to restock its refurbished hotel, you might think would be a major clue. Instead our apprentices decided to look in a garden centre.

Gavin from Liverpool was team “leader” for the losing team. But basically the result was so close, just about anyone could have been in the firing line. His team overspent the other by just £7 (out of expenditure of nearly £1900!).

So far we have seen nothing approaching talent. The dubious star of this episode was “odious” Vincent, as described on Dara O’Briain’s  follow up show. Put in charge of three women, and loving it, Vincent did not impress.

What I did see was a number of people I didn’t realise were on the show, like Natasha and Zoe. In the absence of talent the show focuses on the failures and squabbles. At least Vincent tried to lead his sub-team.

Don’t watch this if you want to see a job well done. But if you want to see what people do when a long way out of their comfort zones, stay tuned.

Gavin, who runs a successful optician’s business, couldn’t see what to do. Neither could he manage his team. Running your own business with people you recruit is a far cry from this. Even Karren Brady conceded what a difficult crew they were.

Susan was a much better leader and with speedy planning, 9 out of 10 of the items were procured by the deadline.

No one could negotiate very well, with the exception of charming Jim. His £10 cash back from the butcher’s accountant proved decisive.

It’s too early in the series to say much about the others. The favoured strategy of keeping-your-head-down paid off for most of them. It’s risky of course, and just as we thought Zoe would pay the price for seeming to do just that, Gavin got the chop instead.

It’s difficult to see how Lord Sugar will find a worthy investment partner out of this lot. In many ways his task is far more difficult than finding an employee.

Maybe I am standing too close to the canvas?

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