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Melody the man-eating tiger

Lord Sugar described Melody Hossaini as a “tiger” on BBC’s Apprentice Episode 8 . She ate the guys on her team for breakfast! Tom was this week’s team leader, although Melody doesn’t have much time for team work. They were to be … Continue reading

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Is Jim sunny or sinister?

One of the real pleasures of BBC’s Apprentice is seeing the characters develop over the weeks. Perhaps the most striking character so far has been Jim Eastwood. Jim has many of us under his spell. Well, he had us anyway. His card … Continue reading

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Zoe tears up Edna’s MBA

How can someone as qualified as Edna lose out in the end-of-episode Boardroom duel on BBC’s Apprentice? Edna has an MBA she tells us. It’s her closing gambit to impress Lord Sugar, as she and Zoe are the final two … Continue reading

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Miss Ellie miss-fires

In BBC’s Apprentice Episode 5 there are some serious sackings going on! After about 30 seconds we knew that Vince wasn’t going to make it through. Chosen as project manager by Lord Sugar, Vince had to invent some dog food with the … Continue reading

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