Melody the man-eating tiger

Lord Sugar described Melody Hossaini as a “tiger” on BBC’s Apprentice Episode 8 . She ate the guys on her team for breakfast!

Tom was this week’s team leader, although Melody doesn’t have much time for team work. They were to be assessed on individual sales results. No surprise but Melody took this literally.

Her team lost the task to the incredible Helen, whose effective sales meeting with La Redoute netted such a big order it made the rest irrelevant.

But Melody’s tiger performance insured her against dismissal in the Boardroom.

To be fair, she generated good sales appointments and was personally effective in selling. But that is what I would expect of any candidate and especially with a grasp of french, for this task was set in Paris.

Her reluctance to divi out sales appointments meant the others had little chance. She ignored Tom’s request to research La Redoute, leaving Tom very exposed in his meeting there. He blew it and this lost them the task.

Tom brought Melody back into the Boardroom for being uncooperative and Leon for doing nothing.

Leon used the excuse of not speaking french as his exit strategy from The Apprentice. It looked like he no longer “fancied the gig”. Although Melody gobbled up the guys, Leon was ready prey.

Melody reminds me of many folk you meet in business who rise to the challenge of individual performance. What get’s measured gets done. She competed successfully not to be fired.

But to win in business you need other people. It’s a two-way street. I’m not convinced she has grasped this yet.

Tom limped over the line to face another week. He may have more inter-personal skills than Melody, but he wasn’t able to face up to her. He’ll need to if he is to win the competition for the £250,000 price.

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7 Responses to Melody the man-eating tiger

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  3. R Allen says:

    Well we’ve seen it every season – Lord Sugar falling head over heels for those who show ‘the same tenacity’ he showed when he was just starting out. But we all know that love affair turns cold after a while, it has done in every other season, and Melody needs to think about that. For me, the problem is there – this lot are not ‘just starting out’ and their tenacity and hunger alone should not be enough to make them successful in this competition – it should be expected from the off, as a bare minimum. Having those two attributes simply puts them on a par with every single other strong sales person out there, no better. Lord Sugar gives them such incredible resources to carry out their tasks, yet they still struggle like toddlers with lego. I have been shocked at what constitutes ‘impressive performance’ so far in this series. It is quite clear that while Melody does have some clear strengths and drive, she has been as successful as she has thus far simply because those around her have been dreadful (except Helen). For me, I find this year’s crop extremely vacuous and one-sided, bar Helen, who genuinely seems to have a greater roundedness to her game. She isn’t full of toss like Scribbins, she isn’t wet like Tom. She conducts herself person-ably at all times whilst never losing her effectiveness. She is, if you like, a class above Melody and Melody is showing more and more that she is really a one-trick pony in this competition, and as in previous series, those who ONLY show the tenacity for the game, yet ultimately lack the roundedness Lord Sugar surely must be looking for, will be booted off sooner or later. Melody needs to show she can listen, alter her perspective, develop a team-player attitude and keep her ‘tiger claws’ in reserve for when they’re really needed, not as her bench mark weapon of choice in every task, otherwise we will suddenly be missing her from the show!

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  5. Isobel says:

    Is Lord Sugar looking for a very good, even ruthless salesperson only? Because that is what he seems to admire, and only that. To my mind Melody’s main flaw is that when she has an idea in her head, nothing will shake it, not even if all logic says that it is very, very wrong. That surely is a very great drawback in business? Or is he going to give her ideas and let her sell them?

  6. mika amani says:

    In a world of business you got to be daring, and hungry to win. And I think Melody fits the mould. She is ready to take her position in the front line and prepared to do what it takes to win.

    That’s what makes her the only lion in the herd – or should I say tiger?

  7. I think Melody would walk over her own grandmother if it means winning. She has potentially focused too narrowly on the fact that The Apprentice is in reality a tv game show, forgeting that to win requires a range of skills and competencies not just the “killer instinct” for business.

    Is The Apprentice only serving to reinforce the crudest of business stereotypes; “cut throat”, “dog eat dog” and “every man (or woman) for themselves” or is Lord Sugar truely looking for something more substantial and three dimentional?

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