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It’s all about exams

If you’ve just had results you could be forgiven for thinking it was. And of course exams are important. But is there more to life than your A level grades? What happens if you don’t have any? Will you make … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Linked-In who wins?

Does Business understand Facebook? Is Facebook really just a social network for personal use? Can we distinguish our personal “personas” from our “professional” personas? My chief executive told me: “in business you have to sell yourself.” Linked-In is certainly about … Continue reading

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The cost of leadership

Leadership is giving. Giving more than you get back. Sure there are returns, great returns, but don’t count on it. Yes they may owe you, but they won’t always know that. Leadership is serving, being enough for them. Leadership is … Continue reading

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It’s tough being a Dragon!

It’s hard to believe how few investment opportunities there are on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. Sure there are plenty of hopeless cases, but this exactly mirrors real life. The difference is that in the Den you get a short, sharp¬†shock if … Continue reading

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Stock market crash – bored now?

Have markets had their day? Have we become immune to news about another massive “adjustment”? Remember Black Wednesday and what a big deal that was? And how can a company be worth 10% less than yesterday? Sure I can understand … Continue reading

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I don’t care!

Generally means “I do care”! Telling ourselves, telling the people around us, telling the people we lead “I don’t care” is pretty common. Particularly in the¬†“pushy” type of leader. But is “not caring” a necessary characteristic for the modern successful … Continue reading

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How violent should leadership be?

Make no mistake it is tough out there. Whether you are fighting for customers or some even greater cause, conditions are violent. But as leaders do we have to be violent? Some say we do. Taking the example of sport, … Continue reading

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