Jeremy Clarkson rude and offensive?

I used to like him. Until he was rude about the car I drive.

Now I don’t respect his views at all…

Um, not logical is it?

Now he’s been very beastly about people who go on strike.

But that’s what he’s paid to do.

Actually that’s what we all want him to do when we vote for his shows by watching them. Jeremy Clarkson is an incredibly successful entertainer.

Let’s not kid ourselves that he is a serious motoring correspondent. He’s an entertainer pure and simple.

So why all the upset, why all the anger?

I certainly make no apology for his comments which were ugly at best.

Trouble is we are all upset at the moment and we are taking it out on him. Sacking him or making him say sorry will make not one jot of difference to our pensions, or the lack of them.

But it will make us feel better.  For a while at least.

BBC’s clip showing Clarkson’s remarks on The One Show

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