About Dr Steve Lewis


People make business work. But when people don’t work out, it can be very expensive and painful too.

But what makes people fall out in business? What can be done about it? When things go wrong we tend to shy away from conflicts and never actually resolve them. For more information click here

Steve worked with many businesses over the years and noticed that the worst messes were caused not so much by problems with debits and credits, but more often by breakdowns in human relationships of one sort or another.

The brightest and most successful business leaders are not immune from this. Failure is no respecter of intelligence.

A great way of looking at this is to watch programmes like BBC’s Apprentice. Because these shows are in the public domain they enable Steve to comment on people without breaching client confidentiality! Thanks go to the contributors in all these shows.

Steve advises businesses, communities and individuals, in complete confidence.

How to contact Dr Steve Lewis

2 Responses to About Dr Steve Lewis

  1. drstevelewis says:

    Paul, I can’t match the quality of “abs” and “pecs” your work produces! I do aim for the smiles though.

    There’s no doubt it’s tough work, however, Steve.

  2. Thanks for your write up Steve. All the best Paul

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