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Do we wash our dirty linen in public?

No. But it still needs washing.

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There’s no accounting for Edward!

BBC’s Apprentice is with us again! Let the stress, hilarity and mystery commence. Why should Edward Hunter try so hard not to be an “accountant”? He trained in a large firm, but seemed very keen not to keep the label or … Continue reading

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Is fraud only in politics?

An MP goes to prison for cheating on his expense claims. Judging by today’s Times’s comments the response has been highly charged. “All politicians are corrupt”…”prison’s too good”… on the one hand and “not that bad really” (I paraphrase) on the … Continue reading

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What happens when you “lose it”?

“Throwing your toys out of the pram” happens to most of us a some point. But if you are a high-profile figure, or have significant influence over the lives of others, for example a teacher or politician, then the consequences … Continue reading

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How snow brings out the best and worst in us

There’s an odd thing about snow in Southern England. A sprinkling causes chaos. My kid’s school is open today, all day. The school next door is closed, all day. There were heavy (for here) snow falls yesterday and overnight. Some … Continue reading

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Is busy-ness the enemy of invention?

What stops us developing new ideas? What stops us working on our heart’s desire, our latent talent, our real passion? “I’m just too busy right now”. “Working too hard”. “Maybe next year, when I have finished my A levels, my … Continue reading

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Naked leadership – “Emperor’s Clothes”?

Have you noticed how some leaders have few skills but no-one says anything? A bank loses £22 billion or was it £28billion, I don’t recall exactly. But we were all up in arms. Did the leader suddenly make a mistake? … Continue reading

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