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Only the art-less can afford art

It seemed mighty unfair that the girls should lose the task. Kicking off a new series of BBC’s Apprentice, the first task was to design, make and sell printed items. The girls’ team Sterling produced some excellent ideas. Even the … Continue reading

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The reluctant leader

Ever been to a lecture on “cold calling”? A few years ago I did just this. I sat through 30 minutes of suggestions about scripts, about what we could say to potential “prospects”. A question was then put to us … Continue reading

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Old heads on young shoulders

BBC’s Young Apprentice kicks off the 2011 series just like any other. The difference is: the candidates are all about 16. Are these young pretenders any better or any worse than the usual assortment of desperate hopefuls? Skip the first … Continue reading

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Giving the nod to Lord Sugar

If you have an annoying trait it gets mercilessly thrown back at you on BBC’s Apprentice. By Episode 10, inventor Professor Tom Pellereau’s incessant nodding has started to grate on us, and Lord Sugar in particular. How bizarre then, that on this … Continue reading

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This is a process of elimination

Blundering about on BBC’s Apprentice each week may be “a learning process”. Tom hoped this would be ok in last week’s lamentable biscuit episode, but it cuts no mustard with Lord Sugar. In exchange for a £ quarter million investment, … Continue reading

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Miss Ellie miss-fires

In BBC’s Apprentice Episode 5 there are some serious sackings going on! After about 30 seconds we knew that Vince wasn’t going to make it through. Chosen as project manager by Lord Sugar, Vince had to invent some dog food with the … Continue reading

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Felicity fails to follow

Or lead even. In episode 4 of BBC’s Apprentice Felicity Jackson was given the mantle of leadership for the beauty treatment task. If you wanted an exercise in what to do to win, then this would be a good example, … Continue reading

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