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Does telling someone to stop actually work?

Nope. Try watching this weeks Dragons’ Den when plucky singing Jackie McKay wants to keep on going. (25 mins in) 4 Dragons are resisting. Theo is quite harsh. Duncan lays it on thickest. The harder the language the more she … Continue reading

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Does head or heart win in Dragons’ Den?

Ralf’s cones game was the best episode of the series so far. We are taken from the sublime to the ridiculous! I love the pithy common sense Theo Paphitis gives to the emergency window smasher inventor: the kids just won’t be able … Continue reading

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What are the 3 Ps of Dragons’ Den?

How do you get them to invest in your idea? Last night’s episode of Dragons’ Den (from fashionable wellies to bike/pram) shows us exactly how to get an investment and how not to! The 3 Ps are: People Product Performance … Continue reading

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Which is the best Dragon?

Did you see Dragons’ Den Series 8 Episode 1?       Which is the best Dragon? For me Deborah Meaden comes out as the most instructive Dragon this week. Why? She’s straight talking and adds incisive comment. The Den is sport for … Continue reading

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