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I don’t care!

Generally means “I do care”! Telling ourselves, telling the people around us, telling the people we lead “I don’t care” is pretty common. Particularly in the “pushy” type of leader. But is “not caring” a necessary characteristic for the modern successful … Continue reading

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How violent should leadership be?

Make no mistake it is tough out there. Whether you are fighting for customers or some even greater cause, conditions are violent. But as leaders do we have to be violent? Some say we do. Taking the example of sport, … Continue reading

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Felicity fails to follow

Or lead even. In episode 4 of BBC’s Apprentice Felicity Jackson was given the mantle of leadership for the beauty treatment task. If you wanted an exercise in what to do to win, then this would be a good example, … Continue reading

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Stuart gets the sack

What a bizarre, and ultimately swift exit! Stuart Baggs, “the Brand” gets short shrift from Lord Sugar in the semi-final of 2010 Apprentice. But the odd thing is, we have had weeks and (seemingly endless) weeks of Stuart’s assent, culminating … Continue reading

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How does sport mirror life? Ashes day 7

I was once paid to watch cricket. Well only for an hour or so, and technically I was at a “networking event”, so it was really work, honestly! One of the side effects of enjoying sport, is hearing some of … Continue reading

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Laura learns her lesson

For the Apprentice 2011 click here: Vincent van Cloche; There’s no accounting for Edward Gracious in defeat, Laura Moore explains just how valuable she found being on The Apprentice on the pithy follow-up show. At 22 she made less of … Continue reading

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Emotion v logic: Ashes day 1

In Simon Barnes’s brilliant article on emotion in Sport in The Times I am left with a serious question. But first here’s a quick quote: ‘The Ashes, more than any other series in cricket, more than practically any other occasion … Continue reading

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Apprentice Alex: “it’s a total mess”!

This week’s task on BBC’s Apprentice was about advertising a cleaning product. The losing team picked “Germ-o-nator” as a brand. It didn’t exactly clean up. Both teams were very poor, but somehow we’ve been there before with this task. And … Continue reading

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What happens if you mess up?

It’s all very well writing about leadership and integrity in business and in the community, but what happens when we get it wrong? What happens when we totally blow it? Is there hope after a disaster? Well it’s true that our … Continue reading

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Is love a drug?

Have you ever fallen in love? Head over heels? Then you’ll know what I mean about “love” in this context being like a strong draught of opiate-like euphoria. “The Times” reported recently that “falling in love” has powerful pain relieving … Continue reading

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