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How to manage an extrovert

I sat in on an interview conducted by an extrovert. In all the time he was talking, there wasn’t a single question directed at the candidate! She had a winning smile to be fair, and doubtless an impeccable CV, but … Continue reading

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It’s all about exams

If you’ve just had results you could be forgiven for thinking it was. And of course exams are important. But is there more to life than your A level grades? What happens if you don’t have any? Will you make … Continue reading

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I don’t care!

Generally means “I do care”! Telling ourselves, telling the people around us, telling the people we lead “I don’t care” is pretty common. Particularly in the “pushy” type of leader. But is “not caring” a necessary characteristic for the modern successful … Continue reading

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Miss Ellie miss-fires

In BBC’s Apprentice Episode 5 there are some serious sackings going on! After about 30 seconds we knew that Vince wasn’t going to make it through. Chosen as project manager by Lord Sugar, Vince had to invent some dog food with the … Continue reading

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It’s great at the top isn’t it?

Of course we all want to be promoted, don’t we? The aspiration of every young trainee is to better herself, to climb up the greasy pole, to get to the top. Of course it is. But what happens when we … Continue reading

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What happens when you “lose it”?

“Throwing your toys out of the pram” happens to most of us a some point. But if you are a high-profile figure, or have significant influence over the lives of others, for example a teacher or politician, then the consequences … Continue reading

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How important is status?

Matt Cardle dramatically increased his status in many eyes last Sunday. He went from ignominy to X Factor champion in just a few weeks. You could say his status went up rather! With 19.4 millon people watching him, he was voted … Continue reading

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Laura learns her lesson

For the Apprentice 2011 click here: Vincent van Cloche; There’s no accounting for Edward Gracious in defeat, Laura Moore explains just how valuable she found being on The Apprentice on the pithy follow-up show. At 22 she made less of … Continue reading

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Do the fans give the X factor?

How shopping in Oxford Street results in massive growth in confidence but only one new jumper for the X factor contestants. Talent is nowhere without confidence. Continue reading

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Is love a drug?

Have you ever fallen in love? Head over heels? Then you’ll know what I mean about “love” in this context being like a strong draught of opiate-like euphoria. “The Times” reported recently that “falling in love” has powerful pain relieving … Continue reading

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