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I don’t care!

Generally means “I do care”! Telling ourselves, telling the people around us, telling the people we lead “I don’t care” is pretty common. Particularly in the “pushy” type of leader. But is “not caring” a necessary characteristic for the modern successful … Continue reading

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Is the war nearly over? Ashes Day 18

It looks like Ashes victory is in sight by the end of day 3 at Melbourne. But how did England recover from their comprehensive defeat at the “WACA”? And what have been the ingredients of their success here? My view … Continue reading

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Victory is sweet: Ashes Day 10

I type in the word “cricket” and before I’ve got to c-r-i the world’s non-cricket lovers have already pressed “delete”! But if you stayed this far, let me tell you, today’s victory of England against arch rivals Australia, in Adelaide, is … Continue reading

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How does sport mirror life? Ashes day 7

I was once paid to watch cricket. Well only for an hour or so, and technically I was at a “networking event”, so it was really work, honestly! One of the side effects of enjoying sport, is hearing some of … Continue reading

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So what exactly is Lord Sugar looking for?

Well, after the departure of Chris Farrell from the Apprentice Boardroom, what qualities does the winner need to possess? After all, Chris was liked by everyone, played fair, worked hard and seemed to lose out due to friend Jamie’s transgression, not really … Continue reading

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Emotion v logic: Ashes day 1

In Simon Barnes’s brilliant article on emotion in Sport in The Times I am left with a serious question. But first here’s a quick quote: ‘The Ashes, more than any other series in cricket, more than practically any other occasion … Continue reading

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Do the fans give the X factor?

How shopping in Oxford Street results in massive growth in confidence but only one new jumper for the X factor contestants. Talent is nowhere without confidence. Continue reading

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How does Surgeon Apprentice get the chop?

It was good to see Karren Brady and Nick Hewer getting more air time in Episode 3 of BBC’s The Apprentice. They are Lord Sugar’s unbiased eyes and ears. They don’t miss much. For the edited highlights we get to … Continue reading

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How did they survive and then escape?

Would it be fair to say that Chile has dramatically raised its status in world esteem? 33 miners survived a world record time trapped deep underground. How did they survive? And how did those incredible engineers get them out? It … Continue reading

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How to win your task: Stella Apprentice

The contrast between success and failure on BBC’s The Apprentice Episode 2 could not be more clear. Head girl Stella led the boys to victory, while Laura led the girls of St Trinians to nothing. Stella’s team won the task of designing a beach … Continue reading

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