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Only the art-less can afford art

It seemed mighty unfair that the girls should lose the task. Kicking off a new series of BBC’s Apprentice, the first task was to design, make and sell printed items. The girls’ team Sterling produced some excellent ideas. Even the … Continue reading

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There’s no accounting for Edward!

BBC’s Apprentice is with us again! Let the stress, hilarity and mystery commence. Why should Edward Hunter try so hard not to be an “accountant”? He trained in a large firm, but seemed very keen not to keep the label or … Continue reading

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Ashes series win – let the party commence

Wins do not get better than this! How does a losing team pull back over two years and win a series of 5 test matches in Australia 3-1? Brilliant leadership! Great coaching. Superb individual and team performances. You have to … Continue reading

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English proud of Stella

Stella English was an unsurprising winner for BBC’s Apprentice 2010. She has been exceptionally good from the moment she won the task for the boys in episode 2. This was the best series of The Apprentice I have seen. It … Continue reading

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Victory is sweet: Ashes Day 10

I type in the word “cricket” and before I’ve got to c-r-i the world’s non-cricket lovers have already pressed “delete”! But if you stayed this far, let me tell you, today’s victory of England against arch rivals Australia, in Adelaide, is … Continue reading

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Does it matter if someone leaves?

A business leader once told me: “Doc, when someone leaves us, it’s like putting your hand into a bucket of water and grasping a handful. In a few seconds the water is level again and you hardly notice the difference.” Was he … Continue reading

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Alex Epstein: was it unfair dismissal?

In BBC’s Apprentice I’m beginning to miss Alex! Did we get the decision wrong to let him go? If business is about teamwork, would we have Alex on our team? Would you trust him? Yes, I think I might. Is … Continue reading

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