The Prickly Zone

Have a look at this diagram

By way of explanation here goes:

We prefer to inhabit the centre of our comfort zones. The small arrows show the tendency to want to stay where it is safe.

But note there are smaller arrow heads pointing out. This represents our desire for improvement and exploration; our hope of a better future.

Our default setting is to stay safe. Sometimes we are catapulted out of our comfort zones into very scary territory. This is represented by the big yellow arrow. 

By “prickly” I refer to our tendency to get very “hot under the collar“; very upset. Some of us disguise this well.

If at all possible we retreat to our comfort zones. But if the conflicts that surfaced in us are not resolved, they have a habit of reappearing when we least expect them to.

Denial” is a common personal or even corporate strategy to cope. But if we go beyond this we can make major improvements in our personal and corporate lives.

Our families and colleagues will notice the difference too.

And another thing… there could be “buried treasure” out there; that X factor you.

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