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Baggs, I vote for Stuart?

The Apprentice Episode 10 Lord Sugar stretches our credulity to the limit by firing the incredible Liz. What was he thinking of? Worse still, Stuart Baggs (The Brand) somehow escapes through the flames of the Boardroom firing process. How can this … Continue reading

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Alex Epstein: was it unfair dismissal?

In BBC’s Apprentice I’m beginning to miss Alex! Did we get the decision wrong to let him go? If business is about teamwork, would we have Alex on our team? Would you trust him? Yes, I think I might. Is … Continue reading

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What happens if you mess up?

It’s all very well writing about leadership and integrity in business and in the community, but what happens when we get it wrong? What happens when we totally blow it? Is there hope after a disaster? Well it’s true that our … Continue reading

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Are villains the worst people?

Do you prefer “Paul Robinson” on “Neighbours”? Or remember “Dirty Den” on “East Enders”? Which do you like best? My favourite was “JR Ewing” in “Dallas”, back in the black and white era. Soap villains all, and fortunately they are confined … Continue reading

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